Craig Sutton, better known as The Thief Flamenco is an English guitarist whose phenomenal rise from the DIY music scene has seen him become one of the country’s most active touring artists.

Specializing in fast rhythmic style of playing the guitar, Craig has earned its reputation thanks to its hypnotic direct in Spanish using an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal Boss RC to merge modern rhythms with ancient techniques of the flamenco tradition.
Craig, a particularly resourced musician, also used the guitar as a percussion instrument adding layers of metronomic rhythms of hip hop through careful hand strikes; creating a unique energy that few manage to achieve solo instrumentalists.
Early influences from ska, hip hop and gipsy swing in the baggage of Craig are evident through his music, helping to create a catalog of songs that are intelligent but accessible.
Craig compositions revered flamenco heritage while embracing the new music technology and as a result each song is located delicately between classic and contemporary.
His debut as a six-song eponymous EP released in the UK in 2011 and quickly gained recognition of the BBC and NME chains, which have passed since then to support the artist.
The album, Liberating Parts of the Cosmos , was introduced in 2013 and supported by a three-month European tour, covering 17 countries.
In 2014, The Thief Flamenco returned to the road, reinforcing its status as one of the hardest working musicians in the scene, with the aim of performing 250 concerts across 40 countries in just 10 months.
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