2017 Tour Dates


Wednesday 1st February: No.1 Harbourside, Bristol (UK)
Sunday 5th February: The Magic Garden, London (UK)

Belgium/Netherlands Mini Tour
Wednesday 15th February: Pand.A, Kortrijk (BE)
Thursday 16th February: De Hellekapelle, Zottegem (BE)
Friday 17th February: House Concert, Tilburg (NL)
Saturday 18th February: House Concert, Rotterdam (NL)
Sunday 19th February: Music in Transition, Den Haag (NL)


Saturday 4th March: Tropical Tea Party, Leftbank, Bristol (UK)
Sunday 19th March: Tobacco Factory, Bristol (UK)


Saturday 1st April: Jubilee Inn,  Woolacombe, (UK)
Wednesday 5th April: Whiskers, Newquay (UK)
Friday 7th April: Rumpus, London (UK)
Saturday 8th April: Private Event, Hungerford (UK)
Tuesday 11th April: The Canteen, Bristol (UK)
Wednesday 12th April: House Concert, Warminster (UK)
Friday 14th April: House Concert, Bristol (UK)
Saturday 15th April: House Concert, Bath (UK)
Thursday 20th April: JOC Bar, Mons (Belgium)
Friday 21st April: Langer Turm, Aachen (Germany)
Saturday 22nd April: kulturcafelichtung, Cologne (Germany)
Tuesday 25th April: Goldkante, Bochum (Germany)
Wednesday 26th April: Kafee Zapoi, Mechelen (Belgium)
Thursday 27th April: Belcrum Beach, Breda (Netherlands)


Friday 12th May: Cafe Kino, Bristol (UK)
Wednesday 17th May: The Lamb, Surbiton (UK)
Thursday 18th May: Luna, London (UK)
Saturday 20th May: The Half Moon, Harrogate (UK)
Sunday 21st May: The Starling, Harrogate (UK)
Sunday 28th May: Private Function (UK)


Saturday 3rd June: St Werburgh’s Summer Fair (UK)
Saturday 3rd June: The Jube, Woolacombe (UK)
22nd – 25th June: Glastonbury Festival, (UK)
Thursday 13:30 Bimble Inn
Thursday (Evening) West Holts Back Stage
Friday 16:00 Lizard Stage
Friday/Saturday Acoustic Back stage Bar (Late night/early morning)
Saturday 16:15 Small World
Saturday 19:00 Croissant Neuf
Sunday 18:00 The Rabbit Hole


Saturday 1st July: Tremor presents: The Big Summer BBQ, Bristol (UK)
Tuesday 4th July: FCLR Siegen, Siegen (Germany)
Wednesday 5th July: No 1 Harbourside, Bristol (UK)
Thursday 6th July: The Dolphin, Wellington (UK)
Friday 7th July: Lillicos, Barnstable, (UK)
Saturday 8th July:  Rock Oyster Festival, Cornwall (UK) 2:30 pm Main Stage
Sunday 9th July: Wonder Fields, Cornwall (UK) 1 pm Wonderland Stage
Wednesday 12th July: Whiskers, Newquay (UK)
Saturday 15th July: Bath Carnival, Bath (UK) Sydney Gardens 17:00 pm
Saturday 22nd July: Nozstock Festival, Herefordshire (UK) Garden Stage 15:45 pm
Sunday 23rd July: Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol (UK) Amphitheater Stage 12pm
Tuesday 25th July: The Canteen, Bristol (UK)
Friday 28th July: Pound Arts Centre, Corsham (UK)
Saturday 29th July: Private Function (UK)


Tuesday 8th August: Goldkante, Bochum (Germany)
Thursday 10th August: 1achtel, Leipzig (Germany)
Friday 11th August: The Barn, Eisenberg (Germany)
Saturday 12th August: T.B.C,
Sunday 13th August: Garden Concert, Rosenbach (Germany)
Wednesday 16th August: Rekorder, Dortmund (Germany)


Sunday 3rd September: The Magic Gardern, London (UK)
8th – 9th September: Run Of The Mill Festival, Somerset (UK)
Thursday 14th September: BarBoBu, Berlin (Germany)
Friday 15th September: P.W.H, Rostock (Germany)
Sunday 17th September: Gorlitz (Germany)
Monday 18th September: ADA, Warsaw (Poland)
Thursday 28th September: Music Lab, Brno (Czech Republic)
Friday 29th September: Burgstrasse, Rochlitz (Germany)
Saturday 30th September: Bajkazyl / Náplavka, Prague (Czech Republic)


Monday 2nd October: 1. Stock, Stuttgart, (Germany)
Wednesday 18th October: SHE, Evora (Portugal)
Saturday 28th October: Les grands gamins, Rennes (France)


Thursday 2nd November: Cafe Instinkt, St. Pieter Ördung (Germany)
Friday 3rd November: Die -Hofkneipe, Grebin (Germany)
Thursday 9th November: Room Service Festival, Wageningen (Netherlands)
Thursday 16th November: Private Event, (UK)
Friday 24th November: Vrijplaats Leiden (Netherlands)
Sunday 26th November: House Concert,  Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Friday 8th December: The Globe, Hay-on-Wye (UK)